Monday, November 29, 2010

The Re-organisation

It's been some times since the re-org had taken place in the C. Seemed that every week we are talking about nothing but 12, 12, 12 and still 12.....
Sometimes, we can't help but wonder if the direction is correct or not? No one knows but the history will tells for itself. The message is very clear, to obey, to submit and to follow. Hmm, how many people will still be left after the shrinking process. It will be interesting to see the changes going to take place for the next 1-2 years.
Some people had moved up the leadership position while some had been removed since the visions are different and they are not willing to follow the leadership too.
Will I be part of the group to make the changes or do I fall into the group that will be changed? We talk about reaching out but we leave out those that is still with us. It is part of the strengthening process but it is abit cruel nevertheless. Anyway, I'm abit immune especially as the years passes by. The most important is to spend time with my family since they are the ones that support me all this while. Friendships may pass but the family will stay. Not very politically correct but it's the truth anyway. Soon, Year 2010 will end and it's time to examine what we have done for the year again.........

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Decide to take a rest today after all the weeks of rushing and the additional responsibility due to various reasons. We never know what is on the other side of the table until you're sitting in the same shoes. It's been a good learning process for the past few weeks and indeed it's going to be more exciting as times passes by.
Looking back at how things was back, it made me ponder how much situation/people had changed since then. Life is a process where you can look back but you will never be able to go through it the same exact situation again. I was browsing through some past emails sent out by a friend that had left us a couple of years back and it was until recently that I had the time to open the emails. What legacy do we really left behind when we pass on?
Anywhere, both ML & myself had signed up with Amore today. So hopefully I will be able to shed some kgs soon.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Post Korea Trip

Life had been quite busy and hectic for the past few months and I hardly get a chance to sit down and really think about my personal life. Finally got the opportunity to visit Korea together with my family, ML & her dad too. Weather in Korea is fantastic as it's cooling even though I'm walking on the street in the afternoon. I was quite excited before the trip but had to admit that going on a family trip is much more tedious than going together with friends. Besides looking after the elderly, we had to forsake sometime what we want to do as compared to what we have to do. Ok, I shall stop complaining for the time being.

Chee Seng and Elaine finally got married on 10th Oct 2010. There goes another single male from our lives. Times really flies and many changes had taken place before we even realized it. Some friends come and go, while some stayed on. We never know what's going to happen the next moment. Kind of got used to it already hence immune to it already. Better cherish our family while they're still with us.

The weekly meeting seem to be like a KPI review where we are supposed to submit our results. Better stay focused or might go MIA soon. Anyway, I just realized that there's not too many wedding planners available in the market though. Better start preparing for my own wedding soon.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Last Gathering for Year 2009

It all started with Chee Seng wanting to have steamboat and hence we decided to have a mini gathering at my house to celebrate the last day of the year. We did not expect many to turn up since there's usually many celebrations on-going at the same time plus it was a last minute decision.

Nevertherless, we had quite a huge number of people joining in and some are even people which we had not seen for quite a while. The people who joined in for the celebration are as below:
1) Guiqing
2) Chee Seng, Elaine plus Mother & Maid
3) Henry
4) Sean, Grace & Yongqian
5) Daniel
6) Webster & Sophia
7) Desmond & Lynn
8) Mon
9) Sin Li
10) Joel, Meiling
11) Joel's Mum, Dad & Uncle
12) Mum's friend - Ah Teck

10am - 4pm : All thanks to Uncle Robert (Mum's friend) who came early to prepare the ingredients for the steamboat, curry chicken & fried mee hoon while I went to Giant with ML to buy all the necessary utensils.

5pm - 6.30pm : Guiqing came along to prepare her special dishes - beacon with tomato & smoked chicken breast. Being a perfectionist, she had wanted to add in some vegetable for the smoked chicken breast to make it more "healthy" or to give it a not-so-dull taste. However, both Chee Seng and myself strongly object to this suggestion due to the simple fact that we are both meat-eaters and not really a "green" eater. Sorry Qing!! Next time I will try to have some vegetables in my fridge ok!!

6pm - 7pm : Chee Seng & his future family plus Henry arrived too. More steamboat food was added to the list as contributed by Chee Seng. I think he brought along all his favourite food loh, and there's definitely no vegetables in it.

7pm -8pm: The feast begin with Sean & his family coming along with the fried rice. Yongqian had successfully became the ladies or should I call it "aunties" killer once again. Hmm, snatching all the attention from me ah.....haha!!

8pm - 9pm : Daniel arrived with his long waited fishballs while Webster & Sophia came with the seaweed chicken. Desmond & Lynn joined in with their vietnam spring rolls too. Wow, the group had became more crowded than I expected as I had originally estimated a 30% last minute drop-out rate. Been a long while since we had such a big group gathering and especially where all are interacting with one another without fear of anyone being left out. I guess it 's a wise decision to keep the food in the centre where everyone can sit down to eat, chit-chat all at the same time.

9pm - 10pm : Mon decided to pop-by too though she's not feeling well. Thanks so much for your support gir, Muack muack!! Sin Li was the last one to arrive though it was only 2 hours late, not too bad lah!! It's better to be late than never....hee!! I had not seen Sin Li for more than a year already...hmm...seem like I had not keep in touch with all my friends for quite a while.

10pm - 11pm : Gathering dispersed. Chee Seng commented that many of us had moved to another level where there's no energy to count down already. Haha!! Maybe it's true since most of us had family or going to have family and it's different from the past where we can played till wee hours before taking a cab back home.

This gathering was a perfect one especially to conclude the last day of Year 2009. Perhaps most of us had been so busy with the daily activities of our lives that we do not even have any time for our family, friends or even to rest. I'm sure everyone had enjoyed this party and most importantly the friendship bonding that we had. Let look forward to a even better Year 2010 then.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Righteous vs Grace

One thing which Snr Pastor shared during sermon last week was that grace is much more important than righteous. How funny and difficult to understand, right? Shouldn't we always strive to do the right thing every time? We had been taught all along that we must not commit any mistake or we will be penalized for it. However, it is much more important to do the right thing at the right time. To do the right thing without grace may exactly turn out to be worse than not doing the right thing at all.
Witnessed a small incident which made me had a even greater understanding on how important grace is all about. To exercise grace may even mean that we have to learn to lower our own pride at times so that others can have the opportunity to repent from their past and learn not to commit mistake again. How much wisdom and strength we need to be able to exercise grace. To have more of others and to have lesser of ourselves.
Anyway, let continue to pray for peace and harmony and most importantly, love one another as we continue to press on till the day come. Let spur one another on especially as the day is approaching. We shall strengthen and not break one another, encourage instead of reprimand though there will be times where conflicts are meant to occur. That's all for now, and the sunshine is always brighter after the rain.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dreams Came True 2009

Searching the net aimlessly and looking through people's blog in the middle of the night. I guess I must have a bit of free time to waste right now. Anyway, my stomach is feeling abit hungry right though I only had a bowl of rice with a plate of vegetable and 4.5 otah plus some of ML's hor fun. Perhaps my life had been too blessed all this while that explain my small and good appetite nowaday.
Looking back my past entries, I must admit that I had achieved most of the things that I wanted to achieve in Year 2008. With a steady career, car and a understanding gf (better write the right thing or others will complain to her behind my back), I guess I must be a pretty blessed fellow right? Won't you folks agree? Don't envy lah...hee!!!
What is the next step? Hmm...maybe get married, have a dozens of kids and a little more savings in the bank will do the trick. Anyway, it's still too early to count the eggs yet as she may not be the lucky woman also. May God continue to bless her with the good fortune which she's been enjoying all this while....haha!!
Good luck to all those that's still searching............I'm going to enjoy my sweet dream for now...and remember, don't wake me up though I will probably chose to ignore you also....... :0

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Those were the days - Memories

The past is always full of fond memories as people can never go back to the good old times again. Things changes and people change all the time. The best friend today may turn out to be your worst enemy tomorrow. How funny this world is becoming. Nothing seem to stay the same forever.

Never promise anyone anything as most often we can never keep the words that was spoken perhap just one minute ago. People are emotional folks and they said things which make me wonder whether or not they truly understand what the heck are they talking about. Perhap my heart has gone colder over the years or maybe I became too analytical? Whatever the case, I chose to follow my own path regardless of the circumstance.

Saw the photos posted on FB by GQ and it seemed like people looked more happier in the past as compared to current. Not sure what has happen but perhap the harsh fact of reality had finally caught up with us. The joy is gone and what left is only the sadness, dissappointment, expectation unfulfil etc.

Whatever the case, let continue to press on and hopefully we will appreciate the tiny little things that we have around us instead of taking it for granted. Learn to show care and concern for the people around us before we lost them and not learn from the hyprocrites to cry father cry mother only upon the deathbed. Enough for now and time for me to go to sleep before I become a "panda" tomorrow.